Overnight trips

Namibia sand dune

Large numbers of pupils and staff throughout the school are involved in visits, trips, language exchanges and outdoor activity programmes which are well established and widely enjoyed either in term time or during the holidays.

Forthcoming trips

If you wish to use the school’s travel insurance cover, please download a summary here. 

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Confirmed (C) – the trip has been launched and we have accepted the pupils
Proposed (P) – we are hoping to run this trip but have not yet launched it or are in the process of doing so. All proposed trips are subject to confirmation of arrangements and viable numbers applying




Approx. Launch Date

Year Groups

Approximate Cost

Staff in Charge


6th Apr to 13th Apr 2017 Munich, Nuremburg, Berlin IGCSE History Jan 2016 4th and 5th Year £870 Mrs Ashton P
1st to 8th Jun 2017 Paris  French exchange.  Will include hosting a French pupil. Dates to be confirmed Sept 2016 4th Year  £400 Mr Lorentz P
Depart 23rd/24th  Jun 2017 Borneo Outlook expedition Nov 2015 6th Form £3,800 Mr Ehegartner C
30th Jun to 7th Jul 2017 Music tour to Germany 5 concerts in the Rhineland, possibly in Cologne Cathedral and local churches Apr 2016 Musicians from 2nd Year to Upper 6th £600 Mr Flaherty P
1st to 4th July 2017 Normandy coast, France Visiting the Bayeux Tapestry and WWII landing beaches. Other activities to be confirmed. Click here for more information Jan 2017 3rd Year £410 Miss Gibson C
8th Jul to 11th Jul 2017 Grasmere Outdoor pursuits trip Sept 2016 2nd Year £300   P
Jul 2017 – start of summer holidays Azores Geography Tour – investigating volcanic and tectonic activity, migration and colonial influences, ecosystems, climate Mar 2016 5th and 6th £940 TBC Mr Cooke P
Start of summer holiday 2017 TBC CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) Physics trip Sept 2016 6th Form £340 Mrs Fenton C
15th to 22nd Feb 2018 (provisional dates) Bad Segeberg, Germany German exchange.  Will include hosting a German pupil (provisional dates: 5th-12th October 2017 ). Click here for more information Mar 2017 5th year £375 approx. Mrs  Morgan P