Second-hand instruments for sale

The Stopfordian Parents’ Association want to help parents buy good quality instruments and to assist other parents who wish to sell instruments that are no longer used regularly.

The SPA will advertise these instruments on this website, at junior school and senior school first year parents’ evenings and at uniform sales during the school year.

To sell

Parents need to complete the form below, giving contact information and accurate details of the instrument.

This should be left at the senior school office, together with a cheque for £5 for each item, payable to Stockport Grammar School, for the attention of the SPA.

Download the selling a musical instrument form (pdf)

Download the selling a scientific instrument form (pdf)

The SPA or Stockport Grammar School reserve the right to remove instruments from the list if their description is not accurate.

To buy

Parents should see the listings below, visit the SPA uniform sales or email for details of instruments available.

The SPA or Stockport Grammar School cannot accept responsibility for the suitability and condition of any instrument. Buyers should ask a relevant teacher for advice if necessary.

Musical listings

Type Make Condition Age Extras Price Ref
Violin Stentor student, quarter size Good Five years plus Hard blue carry case £25 M45
Guitar Admira Classico Excellent Five years plus Fabric case £50 ono M48
Guitar Valencia Model CG190 Good/excellent Five years plus Fabric case £50 ono M50
Violin Stingl, half size Very good Five years plus Hard carry case £125 ono M54
Violin Stentor ll, three quarter size Well played, good sound Five years plus Soft carry case £45 M55
Violin Stentor ll, half size Well played, good sound Five years plus Soft carry case, Wolf Secondo shoulder rest £50 M56
Saxophone Elkhart 100AS Alto Very good, hardly used Four/Five years  Soft carry case £200 ono M57
Cello Gear4Music three quarter size Good Five years Bow, Rosin, beginners books, Damaged hard case, wheel missing and soft case (unused) £100 M58

Other listings

No other instruments currently available.