Academic support and extension

The table below shows sessions for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Name of Session

Who is it for



How to get involved

Additional Information

Art – Life Drawing L6th, U6th A3 Monday 4.00-5.30 Mr Davies 6 week series during Autumn term – dates TBC
Textiles Club 3rd T6 Starting in March Mrs Vernon Commences March – dates TBC
Art History Club 5th, L6th, U6th A3 Blue Thursday 1.00-1.35  Drop in Mr Davies Aimed at all interested in art and design, architecture, cultural history
Art Support 1st, 2nd, 3rd A1/A3/A4 Ongoing & continuous, lunchtimes, breaks, (some) after school All teachers An opportunity for pupils to see their teacher outside of the classroom & to continue with work
Astronomy GCSE 3rd year upwards  P4 Thursday 4.00 Mr Shaw, Mrs Dawson or Mrs Hird Every 2 years we take a cohort – 2 year course. An application is required
Creative Cuisine 1st T5 Tuesday & Wednesday 4.00-5.00 Miss Hodkinson  
Masterchef   T4   Mrs Groves  
Engineering Education Scheme L6th T1 TBC Mr McKinna-Whitby  
Renshaw Engineering Challenge L6th T1 TBC Mr McKinna-Whitby  
Young Enterprise for Britain L6th T1 TBC Mr McKinna-Whitby  
Arkwright Scholarships 5th   Autumn term Mr Young £600 bursary available for materials
Business & Economics Extension L6th, U6th W11 Monday 1.00-1.30 Miss Curl Available weekly for all Business/Economics students. There will be visiting speakers once every half term
Business & Economics help Club L6th, U6th W10 Thursday 1.00-1.30 Mr Young Available weekly for all Business/Economics students
Target 2.0 U6th W11 Friday 1.00-1.30 Miss Curl National Economics Competition. Runs until Christmas
Economics Debating Club   W11 Friday 1.00-1.30 Miss Curl Runs after Christmas. Preparing for a regional debating competition on current economic issues
Book Club   L6th, U6th & Staff Library Once every half term Thursday 8.10 Mr Thorley Just turn up preferably having read the book
Book Club Lower School 1st, 2nd, 3rd Library Wednesday 1.00-1.30 Sign up in the library Mrs Newsome  
Literacy Club   W19 Tuesday 12.30-1.00 Mrs Flint  
Library Events All Library As advertised – sign up in the Library   Author visits/literary events and competitions
Café Sci 4th, 5th, L6th, U6th Library As advertised (drop in) Library staff Talks by internal and external speakers on science topics
Chemistry Clinic 1st, 2nd, 3rd C5 Monday 12.30 Chemistry staff Supervised staff on rotation and by Sixth form helpers
Chemistry CREST Bronze Award 3rd C1 Wednesday 1.05-1.35 Regular commitment Dr Pitts Involves completing a science project over a couple of terms
Chemistry CREST Silver Award 5th C2 Wednesday 1.00-1.30 Regular commitment Dr Pitts Involves completing a science project over a couple of terms
Medical Society L6th, U6th C3 U6th: Sept-Jan  L6th: Jan-July  Monday 1.05-1.35 Mrs Britton Discuss Medical Ethics and preparation for university application
Extension Chemistry U6th C6 Monday after school   (Dr Glarvey)  Thursday after school (Dr Pitts) Dr Glarvey, Dr Pitts Looking at chemistry beyond the A-level qualification
Moles Club 4th C6 Tuesday lunchtime, (starts Nov 14 – May 2017) Dr Glarvey Support towards section 1 of IGCSE
Chemistry Support 5th Various Tuesday lunch, Tuesday after school, Thursday lunch Dr Krywonos, Dr Glarvey, Mrs Britton and Dr Pitts Various support and revision of the topics covered in 4th year
Chemistry Club 1st, 2nd, 3rd C2 Friday lunchtime Miss Berry Carrying out a variety of different experiments
Classics Extension 5th, L6th, U6th W16 Blue Thursday 4.00-5.00
Just turn up
Mr Thorley Discussion on a range of aspects of the Classical world
Plurima Latin Club 2nd, 3rd, 4th W14 Friday lunchtime 1.00 Mr Thorley For pupils wanting help or challenges with their Latin
Beginners Greek 4th W14 Wednesday 12.30-1.00
Regular commitment
Dr Zanda Preparation for GCSE so commitment necessary
“Cabinet of Curiosity” 5th, L6th, U6th W16 Wednesday 1.05 (drop in) Mr Thorley and Miss Sutton Cross-curricular club blending elements of archaeology and anthropology
“Discipulis” 2nd, 3rd W16 Tuesday 1.10 (drop in) Mr Thorley   
Middle School Extension Reading 3rd, 4th, 5th W1 Thursday 1.05-1.35  Mr Byrne/Mr Sallabank Discuss cult fiction
Sixth Form Extension Reading L6th, U6th W4 Monday 1.05-1.35 Mrs Cope Discuss literature of pupils’ choice
English/Psychology Film club L6th, U6th   Wednesday 4.00 Mrs Cope and Mr Brown Opportunity to watch films which relate to topics being studied
English Language Club     Tuesday lunchtime Miss Clarke  
IGCSE English Support 4th, 5th   Tuesday 1.00 Mrs Cope  
Extension English – University prep     Tuesday 4.00 Mrs Cope and Mr Sallabank University preparation
IGCSE French Role Play 5th L9 Tuesday 1.00 (after January trials) Mr Lorentz Begins after trial exams. We do past paper role plays and discuss strategies 
IGCSE French Listening Practice 5th L9 Friday 1.00 Mrs Belshaw Begins after trial exams. We work through IGCSE past papers
French Extension (Literature) 5th, L6th, U6th L8 Wednesday 1.05  Miss Stevenson Role plays & discuss strategies. We are reading Thérèse Raquin by Zola
French Extension (Grammar) L6th, U6th L8 Wednesday 8.00 Mr Lorentz We study advanced grammar beyond the syllabus
French Conversation All years L3 Blue Monday 1.05 See French Assistant Mathilde Opportunity for informal conversation with assistant
German Extension (Literature) 5th – U6 pupils interested in reading German L8 Thursday 1.05 Miss Stevenson We will be reading the novel ‘Ich fühle mich so fifty-fifty’ and short stories by König
IGCSE German Role Play Club 5th L5 Wednesday 1.00 Mrs Christmann After trial exams. We do past papers
German – catch up for new pupils 2nd year pupils who are new to the school L1 Thursday 12.30 Miss Gibson Beginners class for pupils who have not studied German before
IGCSE German listening practice 5th  L9 Tuesday 1.00
(begins after trial exams in January) 
Mrs Morgan French IGCSE listening practice
German Film & Culture  5th, L6th, U6th L8 Tuesday 1.05 Mrs Christmann We watch German films and discuss German history and culture
German Conversation All years L3 Blue Tuesday 1.05   See German assistant Arne Opportunity for informal conversation with assistant
GCSE Spanish Listening & Reading Practice 5th  L4 Thursday 1.05 (from January) Mrs Cole After trial exams extra help with past papers
Spanish Club 1st, 2nd L4 Monday 12.30-1.00 Mrs Cole We do quizzes and games. We learn about Spanish culture. There is a chance to speak to Spanish assistant
Spanish Conversation All years L4 Blue Tuesday 1.05  Yellow Thursday 1.05 See Spanish assistant Celia Opportunity for informal conversation with assistant
MFL Help Session All pupils of French and German L1 Friday 12.30 Miss Gibson Pupils should come along with a particular query/problem which they need help with
SGS Lingo All years L1 Blue Monday 12.30 Miss Gibson Produce a mini multilingual newspaper
History Support  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th All rooms Ongoing and continuous, lunchtimes, breaks, after school All teachers will be involved in the clinic An opportunity for pupils to see their teacher outside of the classroom & to clarify issues that have arisen from class or homeworks
History Extension English History L6th, U6th W22 Every other week,    blue week Dr Smith An opportunity to examine other areas of the new A-level course in greater depth.We will look at primary resources as well as articles & film interpretations of Charles I, Civil War, Cromwell & Restoration
History publication L6th, U6th Sixth Form Spring term Mr Stone An opportunity to write an article for the second edition of the in-house publication, as well as edit articles
History Extension Russian History L6th, U6th W12 Every other week  Yellow week Mrs Chesterson An opportunity to examine areas of the new A-level course in greater depth. We will look at interpretations of Russian History, as well as film & wider reading
GCSE IT Support    CR1 Monday lunchtime Mr Flaherty By arrangement with individual teachers
  CR2 Mr Clarke
Computing Club 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, L6th, U6th CR1     Monday 1.05-1.35 (Regular commitment) Mr Flaherty Developing computing skills
Fibonacci 1st, 2nd, 3rd M3 Friday 12.30-1.00  Mrs Marshall Drop in for extra Maths help
Maths Support (Middle and Upper School) 4th, 5th, L6th, U6th M8 Tuesday 4.00 Mr Silk, Mrs Larkin, Mrs Lammas, Dr Hamilton or Mrs Evans Pupils should bring something with them
Further Maths GCSE 5th M4/M7 Monday 4.00 and Thursday 4.00 Mr Silk or Mr Arthur For pupil who are on course for A* GCSE
Oxbridge Preparation U6th M2   Dr Hamilton For pupils who need to sit MAT, PAT or STEP exams
Maths Extension 1st, 2nd, 3rd M1/M2 Friday lunchtime from 2nd October Miss Higgins  
Cryptography National Cypher Challenge 5th, L6th, U6th M9 Starts in October  Mr Frankland There will be some practice sessions before the competition starts. National Competition run by Southampton University. Takes place Thursday after school
Alan Turning Criptography Competition 4th CR3 Starts in January Mr Frankland Competition organised by Manchester University
Turing Tuesdays L6th, U6th M6 Tuesday 3.50-4.50 Mrs Larkin/Mrs Evans Extra Maths help
Further Maths  5th M4 TBC Mr Silk/Mr Arthur  
The Newton Hour L6th, U6th M1/M2 Monday 4.00-5.00 Miss Higgins Applied Maths
Senior Team Maths Challenge L6th, U6th Governors’ Room Thursday 8.30-9.10 Mr Cheslett Practise for competition on 22nd November 2016
Medical Society L6th, U6th C3 U6th: Sept – Jan    L6th: Jan – July   Monday 1.05-1.35 Mrs Britton Discuss Medical Ethics & preparation for university application
Maths Support  L6th, U6th M1/M2 Starts in September Miss Higgins For pupils who need help with Applied Maths or cannot attend the Tuesday session
Political Philosophy Society 5th, L6th, U6th RP2 Monday 1.05-1.35 Regular commitment Mr Breffit Multidisciplinary approach to issues in social and political philosophy and how this affect contemperary society. Talks by staff plus pupils and discussion
Lower School Philosophy Club 1st, 2nd, 3rd RP1

Yellow Wednesdays  1.05-1.35. Regular commitment

Mr Swann An opportunity to discuss and debate some of the big questions, and to help develop your thinking skills
Physics Extension   U6th Physics P2 Monday 4.00-5.00 1st term Mrs Fenton PAT prep
U6th Engineers P2 Wednesday 1:10  Second session TBC Mrs Dawson/Mr Killey General Physics and Engineering Extension
L6th P1 2nd term TBC Mrs Dawson/Mr Killey  
5th P4 2nd term TBC Mrs Fenton  
3rd P4 3rd term Mrs Dawson/Mr Killey  
Physics Revision 5th a low mock grade   2nd term – half term TBC Mrs Dawson  This is offered to certain individuals
5th   2nd term – half term TBC Mr Killey Open to all 5th year physicists
L6th   2nd term – half term TBC Mrs Fenton  
U6th   2nd term – half term TBC Mrs Fenton  
Psychology timed essay U6th W18 Monday 4.00 Ms Barton/Mr Brown The title of the essay is written on the notice board in both W17 and W18
Psychology Aspire Aspired, gifted and talented but open to all W18 Tuesday 4.00 Miss Barton/Mr Brown For pupils who want to study Psychology at University, or want to discuss psychology topics in greater depth
Psychology catch-up For pupils who are late with their work W18 Wednesday lunchtime Miss Barton Pupils will be informed if they have to attend
Psychology Clinic Any pupils wanting additional support W18 Thursday lunchtime See Miss Barton This will commence when Ms Barton has completed her induction
Psychology & English Film Club L6th, U6th   Wednesday afternoon See Mr Browne Opportunity to watch films which relate to topics being studied
Psychology Mentoring For C/D and B/C pupils W18   See Miss Barton Pupils will meet with Ms Barton and Mr Brown in a mutual free period