Design Technology

Girl using blowtorch

Technology is comprised of three subject areas:

  • Design Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Textile Technology

Design Technology in the lower school

First Year

Pupils start the course by learning about the basic classification of materials and then take part in a design and make project, in which they construct a hanging mobile from softwood and MDF.

This teaches them to use basic hand tools and also some simple machine tools such as pillar drills and vertical belt sanders. Pupils are introduced to Pro Desktop, a computer aided design package.

Second Year

During the Second Year course, the pupils cover a range of jewellery techniques: casting, enamelling and etching. They then complete a design and make project to produce a gift for a local museum.

Third Year

Pupils are introduced to a wide range of plastic manufacturing techniques such as vacuum forming, blow moulding and also the use of a computer numerically controlled laser cutter. They design and make a clock based on their research of the Memphis design movement.

Design Technology further up the school


At GCSE pupils currently study AQA Design and Technology: Product Design. The course involves pupils designing and manufacturing products using a range of materials including wood, metals, plastics and composites. They will study industrial processes to give them an understanding of how everyday products are produced commercially. The use of ICT will form a key element of the course with computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing being used in the development and realisation of their ideas.


At A-level the department teaches AQA AS and A2 Product Design, which allows the pupils to follow a course which can be individually tailored to their future career or academic aspirations.