Economics lesson


We aim to provide a stimulating and dynamic educational experience in our teaching of Economics. In addition to providing high quality academic support, we aim to foster a sense of critical thinking and discovery in our pupils, standing them in good stead for the challenges of A-level study and higher education.

Staff and facilities

There are two full-time teachers in the department. One of our teaching rooms has a suite of networked computers, enabling pupils to explore the considerable IT potential within the subject. Both classrooms have interactive whiteboards and multimedia facilities. We are a lead department in the development of the school’s online learning environment, Moodle.

What does the Economics course involve?

AS Level

Economics is an exciting and dynamic social science which examines how individuals, governments and societies make choices given scarce resources, and is used to analyse a host of global and topical problems. We follow the OCR modular syllabus, for which there is no coursework requirement. At AS Level in markets in action we will analyse how markets work, how markets fail, and apply our skills to topics such as the environment and the provision of public services such as the NHS. In the national and international economy we consider the performance of the UK economy with respect to topical issues such as the current recession and credit crunch, while considering how we fit into the wider global economic picture.


At A2, we apply the skills developed at AS in greater depth, with more emphasis on analysis and evaluation. In transport economics, we examine the role of transport in the economy and the effectiveness of policy approaches, using the skills of microeconomics. In the synoptic module the global economy we study a range of macroeconomic topics, ranging from inflation targeting, the euro single currency, globalisation, and the economics of developing countries. Economics requires students to analyse arguments, data, and diagrams so it is suited to pupils who possess very good analytical, diagrammatic and written skills, together with an interest in current affairs and the everyday world.

How useful will Economics be to me?

Economics is extremely useful for those considering a career in business, finance, politics and a wide range of professions in the public and private sector. Its real world application means it offers Maths and Science students a broader academic portfolio with the same level of academic rigour.

It also combines well with humanities subjects such as History, Geography and Psychology. Economics is highly regarded by the Oxbridge universities and can be considered by students who hold ambitions to that end.