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Large numbers of pupils and staff throughout the school are involved in visits, trips, language exchanges and outdoor activity programmes which are well established and widely enjoyed either in term time or during the holidays.

Insurance cover

Download a summary of the school’s travel insurance cover, provided by Chartis Insurance UK.

Download the school travel insurance summary (pdf)

Forthcoming trips

Confirmed (C) – the trip has been launched and we have accepted the pupils
Proposed (P) – we are hoping to run this trip but have not yet launched it. All proposed trips are subject to confirmation of arrangements and viable numbers applying

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Date Trip Description Approx. Launch Date Year Groups Approximate Cost Staff in Charge C/P Downloads
2nd to 6th Apr 2015 Berlin IGCSE German and History trip April 2014 3rd and 4th year Approx £550-£575 Dr Stephen Smith and Mrs Heather Ashton C  
9th to 12th Apr 2015 Picardy, France Pupils will spend four days in Picardy, staying at the Château du Broutel, a centre specialising in educational trips   1st year Approx £320 Mrs H Lawson C  
12th to 15th Jun 2015 York 1st year residential trip to York   1st year £130-£150 Mrs E Suttle P  
28th Jun to 25th Jul 2015 Bolivia and Peru expedition Community work and trekking are the main aspects of the trip   6th form £3995 Mr Richard Heyes C  
29th Jun to 1st Jul Anglesey Lower sixth art study trip   Lower 6th        
8th to 10th Jul 2015 Cern (European Organization for Nuclear Research) Physics trip   6th form £300 Mrs Heather Fenton C  
3rd to 10th Jul 2015 Lake Garda, Italy Music concert tour Spring 2014 2nd year to 6th form Approx £610 Mrs Eve Taylor C Letter (pdf)

Trip details (pdf)

Parental authorisation form (pdf)

Deposit form (pdf)

6th to 11th Jul 2015 Paris homestay trip Paris homestay trip with linguistic and cultural activities and day trip to Disneyland. Mar 2014 4th year Approx £600 Mr James Wilson C  
6th to 9th Jul 2015 Grasmere Outdoor pursuits trip Sept 2014 2nd year Approx £230 Mrs Chris Muscutt C  
11th to 13th Sept 2015 Condover Hall Netball and outdoor activities trip Apr 2015 2nd and 3rd year £160 Mrs Laura Goddard P  
16th to 19th Oct 2015 Battlefields of northern France and Belgium Tour of the first world war battlefields to consolidate classroom learning Jan 2014 3rd year £340 Mrs Heather Ashton C  
2nd to 4th Dec 2015 Krakow, Poland Religious studies and history trip to Krakow, Poland Feb 2015 5th year £420 Mr Jamie Swann P  
11th to 18th Feb 2016 Bad Segeberg, Germany German exchange Easter 2015 5th year £350-£400 Mrs Kerstin Christmann P  
3rd to 6th Mar 2016 Berlin/Leipzig, Germany Cultural trip to Berlin with visit to Leipzig to see Stasi museum Sept 2016 Upper 6th £400 Miss Sylvia Gibson P  
23rd to 30th Mar 2016 Greece Classics trip visiting the sites of Greece Mar 2015 4th year to upper 6th £850 Mr A Thorley P  
24th to 31st Mar 2016 New York/Washington, USA History trip Feb 2015 3rd year to lower 6th £1,000   P  
1st to 4th Jul 2016 Grasmere Outdoor pursuits trip Sept 2015 2nd year £220 Mrs Chris Muscutt P  
July 2016 (dates tbc) Cern (European Organization for Nuclear Research) Physics trip   6th form £300 Mrs Heather Fenton P  
July 2016 (dates tbc) Orlando, Florida Physics trip to the Kennedy Space Centre   5th year to 6th form £1650-£1700 Mrs Heather Fenton C  
2nd to 6th July 2016 Iceland GCSE and A-level Geography tour Feb 2015 4th year to 6th form £1100 Mr Alex Cooke P  
4th to 9th July 2016 Paris, France Homestay visit Apr/May 2015 4th year £630 Mr James Wilson P