A-level results

Pupils on A-level results day

In yet another star-studded year our 123 upper sixth formers had plenty to celebrate as they opened their A-level results with a 100% pass rate and 87% of results awarded at A* to B, with 57% at A* and A.

Girl and boy on A-level results dayThe girls and boys are destined for a range of courses at the country’s most competitive institutions. 38 pupils have achieved all A* and A grades, two pupils have each gained four A* grades and three pupils have three A* grades apiece. Six alumni are heading to Oxford and Cambridge universities.

The strength and depth of achievement by the year group is shown by their attainment of 97% of all grades at A* to C. The school’s excellent reputation for enabling pupils to gain entry to top universities has previously been recognised by the Sutton Trust.

Headmaster’s congratulations

Headmaster Andrew Chicken said:

Congratulations to our girls and boys, I am delighted with their excellent results. Their hard work has served them well and in their commitment to wider school life they have become outstanding role models for younger pupils. They will now progress to challenging courses at highly respected universities and I wish them every success.

Subject results summary

Download the 2013 A-level subject results summary (pdf)

Pupil successes

Another boy and girl on A-level results dayWe caught up with some of the pupils this morning as they celebrated their fantastic results…

Head girl Zoe Harris secured a perfect score of four A*s in Chemistry, Further Maths, Maths and Physics, fulfilling her ambition of a place at New College, Oxford University to read Maths. Zoe told us:

Everything has been amazing… the atmosphere, the trips… and I feel lucky to have been in the most supportive environment.

Beyond the classroom Zoe has contributed much to the school, particularly musically, singing in school choirs, playing clarinet in the numerous orchestras and bands as well as being a keen pianist. Most recently she joined the school music tour to Barcelona and Zoe intends to carry on with music alongside her studies at Oxford.

Another pupil with four A*s, James Brett is heading to St John’s College, Cambridge where he will study Natural Sciences. During his time in the sixth form, James has been a keen participant in Model United Nations.

“Amazing teachers.”

Annabel Gowrie, with four As, will pursue a degree in French and Spanish at Durham, with her sights set on becoming an interpreter or working in international relations beyond university. Annabel thanks her “amazing teachers” and spoke about the enjoyable experience of her French work placement during lower sixth.

With two A*s in Chemistry and Biology and an A in Economics, head boy Mark Cox is looking forward to his Medicine course at Newcastle University. A key player in the school’s first XV, Mark plans to continue playing rugby at Newcastle. In a year which started with the 525th anniversary of the school’s foundation, Mark along with head girl Zoe has represented the school with distinction on many occasions.

“The teachers have really helped me get where I am today.”

Rosie Broadbent’s impressive three A*s in Maths, Biology and Chemistry see her taking up a place at Sheffield University to study Medicine. Another talented musician, Rosie plays saxophone and double bass and describes her experiences on the Barcelona music tour as “amazing” and a really good way to round off her time at school and say goodbye to her fellow musicians. Beyond her studies and her music, Rosie has also found time for her enthusiasm for mountaineering as a member of the school’s climbing club.

Lara Knowles has successfully juggled academic life with a busy hockey schedule, playing for the school’s first XI and Wilmslow ladies first team, as well as being selected for Cheshire and north of England squads. Lara has secured a highly sought after place to study medicine at Leeds University, with two A*s in Biology and Chemistry and an A in Maths. Lara told us:

I joined Stockport Grammar School in the fourth year and I honestly don’t think I would have done this well anywhere else. The teachers have been amazing and have really helped me get to where I am today.

Lara intends to continue to play hockey as a student in Leeds.

Sam Arrowsmith, with two A*s and an A is thrilled to be furthering his Maths studies at Durham University. Sam spoke of the “fantastic” Maths department at Stockport Grammar School and, having been at the school since age eight, has always found it to be an accepting and encouraging place to be. Sam has been a regular participant in drama and music performances throughout his time here.

“Part of one big family.”

Twins Rebecca and Charlotte Helme have both excelled in their exams, Charlotte gaining two A*s in Philosophy and English, an A in Classics, and a B in Economics; and Rebecca with three As in Geography, Philosophy and English. Now they will be going separate ways, Charlotte to study Classics at St Andrews and Rebecca to Leeds to study Law. Both expert ballroom dancers, they memorably demonstrated their skills when His Royal Highness Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex visited to mark the achievement of the school’s one thousandth Duke of Edinburgh award.

The girls also put their dancing talents to use when they choreographed the Classics play and trained the sixth form participants of Strictly Come Sixth Form, a charity dance competition. They have also enjoyed the experience of debating at the school’s Model United Nations conferences. The girls both describe the Philosophy department as “brilliant” and Charlotte credits the Classics department with inspiring her to study the subject at university. The girls’ mother, Christina Helme, describes their time at the school as “being part of one big family” and is delighted with the close, supportive friendship group the girls have formed.

Sad to leave after 14 years!

Peter Smith has achieved A*, A, A and will be beginning his Law degree at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge this autumn. Peter, who is also grade eight on the violin, has particularly enjoyed playing in the school orchestras and feels sad to leave after spending the last 14 years of his life here!

Milan Lakhani scored three A*s in Maths, Further Maths and Economics and is off to Warwick University to study Maths and Statistics. Milan has joined fellow Stockport Grammar School mathematicians in competing in regional and national Maths Olympiads, most recently coming second in the regional final this year. During his time at the school he has also taken advantage of the animation software and expertise, attending Animation Club and entering competitions, coming second in 2010′s UK schools competition.

“So much fun.”

Natasha Sofla will study Music at Birmingham University, having achieved three As in French, Maths and Music. Natasha has been heavily involved with music throughout her time at Stockport Grammar School, playing clarinet, piano, saxophone as well as singing, and tells how the strong Music department attracted her to the school in the first place. Natasha has just returned from a visit to eastern Europe where she and fellow Albert Johnston travel award recipient Fiona Hollin, who will join Natasha in Birmingham where she will study Maths, furthered their knowledge and passion for Budapest and Vienna’s most famous composers.

Robert Waterhouse scored an A* in Biology with As in Chemistry and Maths. Having just returned from a month-long visit to Rwanda with school where the group combined work on community projects with expeditions and treks, Robert is now taking a gap year before applying for Medicine. He described the eighteenth birthday he had while on the expedition as “so much fun” and has clearly been captivated by Africa as he is already hatching plans to return and travel by motorbike through more countries in this vast continent.

Olympic ambition

Martha Watson, who gained three As, is the recipient of a hockey scholarship at Bristol University where she will study Geography. England under-18s goalkeeper Martha has managed to achieve academic success alongside sporting excellence, playing at top level throughout her time in the sixth form and she has been accepted onto the high performance squad at university. The hard-working girl has her sights set on the Olympics next.

Also Oxford-bound are Tom Fawcett who will read Philosophy and Theology and Shannon Mitchell studying Experimental Psychology. Naomi Clarke (OS 2012) will embark on her Music degree at Cambridge University.

Previous years’ A-level results


  • 128 candidates
  • 100% pass rate
  • 58% A* and A grades
  • 86% A*, A and B grades
  • 98% A*, A, B and C grades

Download the 2012 GCSE subject results summary (pdf)


  • 102 candidates
  • 100% pass rate
  • 57% A* and A grades
  • 86% A*, A and B grades
  • 97% A*, A, B and C grades


  • 123 candidates
  • 100% pass rate
  • 20% A* grades
  • 40% A grades
  • 61% A* and A grades
  • 87% A*, A and B grades
  • 98% A*, A, B and C grades


  • 126 candidates
  • 100% pass rate
  • 53% A grades
  • 81% A and B grades
  • 96% A, B and C grades


  • 135 candidates
  • 100% pass rate
  • 54% A grades
  • 81% A and B grades
  • 95% A, B and C grades
  • 333.3 Ucas points per candidate


  • 124 candidates
  • 100x% pass rate
  • 51% A grades
  • 76% A and B grades
  • 91% A, B and C grades
  • 325.8 Ucas points per candidate


  • 126 candidates
  • 99.7% pass rate
  • 42% A grades
  • 69% A and B grades
  • 88% A, B and C grades
  • 361 Ucas points per candidate


  • 116 candidates
  • 100% pass rate
  • 48% A grades
  • 79% A and B grades
  • 92% A, B and C grades
  • 324 Ucas points per candidate