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Pupils laughing in DT workshop

I started out as a boy living on a council estate in Stockport. Now, I am a choral scholar reading Classics at Oxford. That alone shows the impact that the bursary has had on my life and, believe me, that is just a fraction of its impact. The bursary has changed so many aspects of my life for the better due to the education the school gave to me, and I wish that more people like me could have the same opportunities at school that I had.

Jake Barlow (OS 2009)

Over five centuries ago Sir Edmond Shaa had high hopes for the young people of his home town. As Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths’ Company of the City of London, he founded a grammar school to nurture intellect, foster character and provide opportunity for the children of Stockport.

While his original bequest may be long gone, the continuing generosity of many of the school’s former pupils, parents and supporters means that we are able to perpetuate his vision by providing a number of means-tested bursary places each year.

As I am sure you are aware, today’s pupils of Stockport Grammar School not only attain the highest academic standards but benefit from a wealth of opportunities to develop the personal qualities necessary to flourish in their adult lives.

Now more than ever, local families depend on assistance from our bursary fund if they are to offer their sons and daughters the very best in education.

Sadly we can help only a small proportion of those who apply for support and, consequently, the potential of many local children in Edmond Shaa’s home town has still to be fully developed.

Your support could help us to provide the great gift of a high quality education to talented girls and boys from all sections of the community. Your donation can make a life-changing difference to a child and contributes to a brighter future for us all.

Mrs Rachel Horsford, our External Relations Director, and her colleagues would be pleased to assist you with further details of our fundraising. Mrs Horsford can be contacted on 0161 419 2408 or at Please help if you can.

Mr Andrew Chicken

If the Bursary Scheme was not in place, I would simply not have had the opportunity to attend SGS. I would have missed out on numerous experiences; a field trip to Anglesey, an incredible Alpine mountaineering expedition, playing hockey for the senior team, captaining the swimming team, playing the flute in school bands and taking part in so many other extracurricular activities. The high quality teaching also enabled me to fulfil my potential and gain a place at Birmingham Medical School.

Emily Dove (OS 2010)

History of the bursary scheme

Until 1997, the government offered assistance to independent schools under either the assisted places scheme or direct grant scholarships, which meant that those children who met the entrance criteria but whose families were not able to pay school fees, still had the opportunity to be educated at one of the best schools in Greater Manchester.

Since 1997, however, the school has become entirely responsible for continuing to offer financial assistance to families. Due to the withdrawal of the direct grants and assisted places schemes, the school is under much greater pressure to deliver – and that is where you can help.

Where else your donations can help

Thanks to the support of individual donors as well as the Stopfordian Parents’ Association and the Old Stopfordians’ Association, we have, in recent years made significant improvements to the library and science facilities as well as installing a climbing wall in the sports hall.

As a leading independent school, we have a commitment to our pupils to continue to maintain and develop the facilities on offer to them. With your help, through the general appeal fund, we can go on to fund projects that will enhance their learning and extracurricular experiences.

Without a bursary I would not be where I am today. As a result of the high quality education, I was lucky enough to receive first prize in the Young Designers Competition 2008. I have since progressed to study Industrial Design and Technology (BA) at Loughborough University. I am currently working at a successful product design company for 12 months before returning to university for my final year where I am on track to attain a first class degree. None of this would have been possible without the bursary which enabled me to attend Stockport Grammar School. Thank you.

Robert Jeeves (OS 2008)

How you can help

Single donation

By giving a one-off donation, you can support the bursary fund or the general appeal fund.

You may choose to mark a milestone in your life by asking friends and family to donate to Stockport Grammar School rather than buying a gift. Or perhaps you might end the month with a healthier bank balance than usual and decide to give the school a small gift.

Whatever you choose to give, and wherever you wish to give it, your donations will always be gratefully received.

Regular donation

Giving through a standing order on a monthly or annual basis is a simple and valuable way of making your donation.

Gift aid

If you make single or regular donations, you can help the school further by gift aiding your donation, which allows the school to claim 25% tax from HM Revenue and Customs for every £1 donated by a UK taxpayer.

Furthermore, taxpayers who pay tax at the higher (40%) or additional (50%) rates can claim additional relief.

The bursary scheme has allowed me to fulfil my potential. Without it, I don’t believe I would now be studying at Warwick University. And without the inspirational teaching staff providing encouragement, I would have chosen a completely different career path. The scheme has enabled me to take full advantage of everything on offer at the school, from extracurricular activities and trips to senior prefect and school council roles, combined with such an academic environment. I believe the opportunities that Stockport Grammar School has given me have shaped the past seven years of my life.

Natalie Wride (OS 2010)

Joining the Shaa Society

You may wish to consider leaving a legacy that will continue to support the school for many years to come. Legators are invited to become members of the Shaa Society and to attend the annual Shaa lunch. Donating in this way will also reduce the taxable value of your assets, hence lowering the inheritance tax on your estate.

Shares and other assets

A gift of shares, securities, land or buildings can be a hugely tax-effective way of benefiting the school, as the donor is given income tax relief for the full current market value of the shares or securities, and there is very favourable capital gains tax treatment too.

Corporate giving

You can make a donation through your company, which will be eligible for tax relief in the period in which the payment is made.

The Shaa lunch

Donors and Shaa Society members are invited to attend the Shaa lunch held annually in the Hallam hall as a celebration of the life of the school and the generosity of our supporters.

Fundraising events

We hold an annual golf day in order to raise funds for the bursary scheme. For more information on how you can get involved, contact External Relations on 0161 419 2408.

Where your money will go

Bursary fund

If you donate to the bursary fund, your contribution will be added to the money invested annually by the school, to provide the income to support bursaries.

General fund

If you donate to the general appeal fund, the money is invested and will be spent where the school needs it most.


To support us by becoming a member of the Shaa Society or by making a single donation, please download the form below and return it to Stockport Grammar School, Buxton Road, Stockport SK2 7AF.

Download a donation form (pdf)