Royal Meteorological Society visit school

Pupils with the Great British weather tour

Pupils from year three in the Junior School up to the sixth form were all captivated by Friday’s weather when the Royal Meteorological Society visited Stockport Grammar School as part of their Great British weather experiment.

Dr Liz Bentley, leader of the experiment and founder of the Weather Club, visited the School with a crew that included Daphne – their sky blue Volkswagen camper van – and weatherman Graham Smith, who took weather observations and webcam footage from Stockport Grammar utilising the very latest in weather instruments and mobile computing technology.

During the visit, pupils were all shown how to use the weather measuring instruments to take readings for themselves, and will be able to apply what they learned to the topics that they are currently being taught in Geography.

Mrs Ali Hicks, Geography teacher at Stockport Grammar School, said:

This was a wonderful opportunity for children in both the Junior and Senior School.

It brought to life the weather projects they have been working on in class, and they enjoyed the chance to learn from Dr Bentley and her team and to use such a range of different instruments to take the observations. We are looking forward to seeing the results of the nationwide project.

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