Walkers enjoy a winter trek up Kinder Scout

Pupils in the first and second years enjoyed a walk in the winter sun at the weekend. The walk, along Kinder reservoir and up onto Kinder Scout, was the second hike this term led by Mr Tony Cheslett.

Pupils relished the crisp, clear air, blue skies and snowy hills – a welcome result of the current cold snap that has paralysed much of the eastern side of the British Isles.

The pupils enjoyed the challenge of Mr Cheslett’s route, which took them up past the reservoir and along the river to the spectacular Kinder Downfall, which was frozen into a sheet of sparkling icicles.

Mrs Helen Lawson and Mr Richard Davies accompanied the walk – with Mrs Lawson providing regular entertainment by falling over on the ice every mile or so! Mrs Lawson said:

It was a fantastic day. The air was so clear, and we all felt a huge sense of achievement once we had climbed up the rocky valley to the top of Kinder Downfall.

We had a great time, and Mr Cheslett’s jokes kept us going! I do hope more pupils will join us on the next walk – it’s a wonderful way to spend a sunny Sunday.

For information on future walks, please contact Mr Cheslett in the Maths department.

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