Anti-bullying week unites pupils

Anti-bullying-week balloon release

National anti-bullying week 2010 took place towards the end of November, and life studies pupils at Stockport Grammar joined in after being set Apprentice-style tasks with the aim of raising awareness of the week throughout the school.

After being divided into five teams, one group secured an interview with Tameside Radio, while another raised £150 through a cake sale which was then used to buy and distribute fortune cookies containing a positive message inside.

Other teams led debates on cyberbullying, gave assemblies on not suffering in silence and, to round the week off, one group held a two-part event entitled Bold and Blue. Every pupil was invited to show their support by adding blue accessories to their uniform, and then the whole of the first year took part in a balloon release which acted as small confession to help pupils let go of and move on from any times they may have been bullied or might have been the bully in the past.

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