Blood Wedding production leaves audiences spellbound

Blood Wedding cast

After a term of diligent rehearsing, a talented ensemble cast of Stockport Grammar pupils from the upper school produced two spellbinding performances of the classic Spanish play Blood Wedding.

Captivating and demanding in equal measure, Blood Wedding told the story of lovers drawn irresistibly together.

Directed Mrs Alison Moffatt, Drama teacher, the cast tackled this difficult production which combines realism with mystical symbolism to produce a swirling and disorientating experience, which left theatre-goers with a rich and rewarding piece of theatre which continued to grow long after the curtain closed.

The play starred Robert Samarji, Hannah Goldsby, Jamie Webb and Rachel Bates, and their superb performances were matched by those of the supporting cast of Jordan Kernahan, Sally McRoberts, Tasmin Ray, Rachel Ellis, Lisa Font, Maddie Gorton, Amy Wood, Harry Griffin, Sam Allport, Will Spence and Catherine Sharples.

A trio of Spanish guitarists – Colin Greaves, Matt Nicholls and Sam Wride – provided the musical backdrop, while the backstage, lighting and sound crews of Arran Mackay, Rebecca Fernandes, Solomon Hamer, Michael Daggett, Harris Trainer, Ben Dawson, Mishal Niaz, Rob Sumner, Becky Smith, Emily Morton-West and Ben Adshead were equally as instrumental in delivering a tremendous production.

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