Old Stops reunite 50 years on

Old Stops 1964 reunion

Former pupils from the class of 1964 met up in the newly-refurbished Hallam Hall to mark 50 years since leaving Stockport Grammar.

Most, accompanied by their wives, had not seen each other for many years with some not having been back to school since they left.

With everyone talking at once, instantly swapping stories and reminiscences, the buffet lunch provided by the school was almost forgotten but the lure of a glass of wine and welcome food soon overcame animated conversation for a time.

Tours, tea and cake

Photographs, articles from the Stopfordian and John Ormiston’s 1st XV rugby shirt prompted more memories and then it was time for a tour of the school.

The visitors were extremely impressed and genuinely interested in the way the school had developed since the days of 1A and 1B classrooms, Eddie Bromley’s woodwork room and the blue lagoon swimming pool.

Returning from the tour tea and cake had been served in the governors’ room bringing the first part of the reunion to a close.

Evening meal

In the evening everyone met up at the Alma Lodge hotel for drinks and a very relaxed dinner. Messages were read out from a number of people who were disappointed not to be able to be there.

The evening event was followed by a very pleasant walk on Saturday morning through leafy lanes and fields in the Cheshire countryside culminating in a pub lunch at the Davenport Arms at Marton near Congleton.

The event was extremely successful and the pattern could serve as a model for other Old Stopfordian groups who wish to recall their school days and meet up with friends old and new.

Arrange a reunion

The external relations office provided the initial list of contacts and ensured that on the day all arrangements went smoothly. Harvey Locke’s persistence with emails and phone calls turned up several names hitherto thought to be lost and his organisation of the evening meal and the Saturday arrangements meant that everything passed off without a hitch.

Stuart Helm delved into the archives to find a wide range of photographs and memorabilia and managed to answer most questions about the school then and now. Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time and left for home determined for it not to be so long before we all met again. 

Reunions in this or any other format just need a little organisation and the will. Is it your turn next?

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