Parents join year two in art activity afternoon

Year 2 Art Day

Last month, parents of junior school class 2J joined in the fun of our art activity afternoon.

The parents worked with the children as they took part in three different activities.

art-day (2)

To link with the pupils’ geography lessons looking at features of our local area, the children studied photographs of their own homes and used a variety of utensils to make their own clay houses, highlighting the key features they could see in the pictures.

Their second task was to practise what they have have been learning in their art lessons about how to weave fabrics on to various boards.


Since St. George’s Day, the children have focused much of their English work on describing the appearance and habitat of a dragon. In their lessons they have been writing fantastic stories and creating their own dragon fact books. To develop on what they have been learning, their third activity was to use oil pastels and chalk to create their own collage of a dragon.

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