Sixth form biologists study ecology in Shropshire

Biology pupils spent five days studying with the Field Studies Council at their centre in Shropshire.

Biology Field Trip (3)

Based at the Preston Montford field studies centre near Shrewsbury, our pupils spent their time in the field covering all the practical ecology components of the A2 biology course.

Biology Field Trip (9)

The course is for upper sixth Biologists and supports their study of Ecology by allowing them to complete practical fieldwork in a variety of different habitats.

Biology Field Trip (8)

Pupils studied a hydroseral succession, conservation in Heather Moorlands and Freshwater Pond Ecology.  There was a focus on them developing appropriate techniques for sampling the ecosystems and collecting quantitative data. 

Biology Field Trip (5)

The work in the field was supported by laboratory work and classwork.  There was also a focus on teaching pupils about the use of biological statistics.

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