BBC School report is underway!

BBC Health Correspondent Dominic Hughes visited our BBC School Report club to give our third year reporters some expert advice. 

 BBC School report challenges children to use their journalistic skills to seek out the top local, national and international stories. Stockport Grammar School has joined hundreds of schools across the country to produce a variety of news reports that are visible to web users across the globe.

BBC-School-Report-2015 (1)

Pupils are attending weekly sessions to help generate their story ideas before they get to grips with interviewing techniques and filming to complete their news packages. Along the way, they have received expert advice from Dominic Hughes and commercial film producer Paul Kearton. 

BBC-School-Report-2016 (3)

The exciting project culminates in a national news day in March when our pupils’ work will be linked to the BBC School Report website, allowing the stories to be seen by viewers around the world.

Watch our news

To see the reports pupils produced for last year’s news day visit our BBC School Report page.

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