Jolly jellybean japes


Our Reception pupils boosted their counting skills with the help of hundreds of jellybeans.

The children spent a fun-filled day colouring virtual sweets using a special computer programme, making their own pictures with jelly beans dipped in paint and mixing colours to create their own jellybean flavours.


The highlight was a baking session where pupils made jellybean shaped biscuits which they topped off with their favourite colour of icing.

Reception Ice Cream

During the autumn term, Reception also enjoyed taking part in making other delicious treats including a grand opening of their ice cream parlour where the excited children were given the opportunity to taste a selection of different ice cream flavours and choose a topping. 

Reception-bread-making (1)

The pupils were also taught how to make their own bread and thoroughly enjoyed learning about what makes it rise and what makes it taste so delicious!

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