Artists display their creativity at exhibition

Pupils got to show off their creative side when their work went on display in the annual GCSE and A-level Art, Design and Technology Exhibition.

The event, which was held on Wednesday 18th May, marked the culmination of a period of sustained study and, for many of the boys and girls, it was the first time their work had been properly put on public show.

Art Exhibit 2016 pic

The pupils used a variety of media and techniques for their work including painting and sculpture, drypoint and lino prints, colographs, batik, ceramics, plaster casts, monoprints, woodcuts, photograms and textiles as well as installation and video pieces.

Art Exhibit 2016 - Alfred

A large number of parents, staff, governors and guests attended the event and feedback from the evening indicated that everyone enjoyed seeing the varied responses and high standard that the pupils had achieved.

Art Exhibit 2016 - Elena

Head of Art Mr Richard Davies commented: “This year, as previously, there has been a high level of diversity evident in the work displayed. Traditional themes such as the still life, portraiture, movement and architecture have all been addressed, along with more unusual subject matter that includes tattooing, microscopic imagery and fairy tales. In every case the boys and girls have developed a significant body of work that explores media and makes references to the work of a wide range of artists.

“The Exhibition was an opportunity for the pupils and their families to be both proud of what they have achieved and to enjoy the moment as they found themselves at the centre of so much attention.”

More pictures from the Exhibition can be found on the school’s Flickr profile.

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