GCSE results: celebrating success

GCSE pupils are enjoying the results of their hard work with 44 pupils gaining at least 10 A* and A grades, including 18 who gained 10 or more A*s.

Fifty seven pupils secured at least nine A* or A grades and well over a quarter of the year achieved a clean sweep of A* and A grades. 62% of all results were at A* and A, with 83% at A*-B.

Headmaster Andrew Chicken said: “Congratulations to our girls and boys, and to their families, they have worked hard to achieve their success and I hope that they will enjoy celebrating on this special day. They have a bright future and are well prepared for the next stage of sixth form study – I look forward to seeing their progress as they make the most of the challenges and opportunities this will bring.”

Adil Khan and Wasil Hussain

Katarina Sandall is “relieved and happy” with her twelve A*s. A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and either Psychology or German are next for Katarina who has enjoyed playing netball for school and singing in concerts with Chorus.

Nathan Kingsley is happy to have achieved eleven A*s including an A^ (a distinction) in Further Maths. Rugby, chess and the stocks and shares club have all kept Nathan busy alongside his academic work. A-levels in Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Further Maths will follow for Nathan who is interested in studying engineering at university.

Samuel Howard, Alexander Grant, Adam Keyworth and Nathan Kingsley

Lili Jones, who plays netball for the school team, is part of the school council and enjoys the Model United Nations club, says she is “so very happy” with her nine A*s and two As. She added: “I was predicted to do well and I worked really hard but you never know. I thought I had messed up some of my exams but seeing the results in black and white shows all my hard work was worth it.” A-levels in English Literature, Philosophy, Classics and Art now await Lili.

Lili Jones

Elena Varadé García is feeling very pleased with her six A*s, three As and a B. English is Elena’s second language and she joined Stockport Grammar in the Fourth Year having moved to the UK from Spain. She says she found it “easy to settle in school” and quickly got involved with Model United Nations. A-levels in Maths, Physics, Economics and French will follow for Elena.

Nancy Davis, Elena Varadé García, Charlotte Mitchell, Imogen Laxmi and Robyn Clements

Sam Howard’s eleven A*s including an A^ (a distinction) in Further Maths are perfect preparation for his A-level studies in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Sam, who would like to study Maths at university, also enjoys the musical life of the school, having guitar and double bass lessons and taking part in concerts.

Adam Keyworth is delighted with his eleven A*s and plans to take A-levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and German.

Shaiqul Chowdhury

Ellie Goldstein is delighted with her eight A*s and three As. She will now study Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Philosophy in the sixth form.

Ellie Goldstein

Twins Richard and Elizabeth Seed are both celebrating. Elizabeth has achieved an A*, eight As and a B and Richard has gained six A*s and four As.

Elizabeth Seed and Richard Seed

Persephone Hotchkies is “surprised in a very happy way” with her nine A*s and an A. Persephone enjoys playing hockey at school as well as singing in Chorus. She plans to take A-levels in English, Maths, History and either French or Textiles, with an interest in business as a possible career option.

Eddie Parry, who plays for the school rugby team, is surprised but happy with his five A*s and five As. His ambition is to be a pilot and he will start A-levels in Philosophy, Psychology, Physics and Maths in September.

Edward Parry

Finley Nolan got nine A*s, one A and one B. He is looking forward to starting A-levels in History, Geography, Economics and Classics.

Bethany Carter hopes to become a barrister so is delighted with her four A*s and six As. She says: “I was speechless when I saw my results. It’s been two years of hard work but it was totally worth it.” Bethany will now study Maths, German, Geography and Economics at A-level.

Bethany Carter

Connor Bergin got two A*s and eight As. He combined revision with playing for Marple Cricket Club and will now start A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and French.

Connor Bergin

Tuong Bui will be taking A-levels in Maths and Science subjects with a view to a career in medicine following his GCSE results of five A*s, three As, two Bs and a C. Tuong has already achieved his Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards and is planning to work towards the Gold award in the sixth form.

GCSE results 2016 web

Alex Grant, is “shocked” and happy to get eight A*s and two As, and will now study Chemistry, Biology, Maths and History.

Leah Sihan is on course for a career in cosmetic surgery after achieving ten A*s. She said she is “overjoyed” with her results and did better than she expected. A-levels in Maths and all three sciences await Leah in the sixth form.

Leah Sihan, Niamh Clarke and Bethany Garnett

Adam Clifford, who got ten A*s, will study Maths, Physics, Design and Technology and Business.

Christopher Corcoran is planning to take A-levels in Business, History, Biology and German following his four A*s, three As and three Bs. Already a successful entrepreneur, running an online retail business with over a 1,000 different product lines, Christopher is well placed with plenty of practical experience to bring to his A-level studies.

Christopher Corcoran

Robyn Clements is delighted with her haul of four A*s, six As and one B.

Vishal Krishnani is a step closer to his dream of studying medicine at university after scooping seven A*s, two As and a B. He will now study Maths and all three sciences at A-level.

Vishal Krishnani

Beth Garnett secured eight As and two Bs and will study Physics, Philosophy, Classics and Art with the hope of working towards a career in architecture.

Photos from the day can be viewed via the school’s Flickr account.

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