Thought-provoking trip for history and religious studies pupils

Fifth year historians and religious studies pupils learned more about the history of Kraków and the horrors of the Holocaust on a recent trip to Poland.

The first day of the four day expedition saw the boys and girls explore the Jewish quarter. They visited the synagogues and Oskar Schindler’s factory and took an informative tour of the ghetto in Kazimierz, an important centre of cultural life in the city. The opening day concluded with a traditional Polish meal.


Day two started with a visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau where pupils learned more about the concentration and extermination camps that were used in World War II. After a reflective morning the pupils looked round the traditional Christmas Markets.


On the third day a guided tour of Kraków old town, the castle and the cathedral gave pupils a real insight into the city. They also visited the Kazimierz Mall before sitting down to eat a traditional Jewish meal in the evening.


The final day saw the group descend underground to explore Wieliczka’s 13th century salt mines before flying home.


It was a packed and thought-provoking trip for everyone involved and pupil Katie Fairfax said: “I enjoyed discovering the cultural background of the city of Kraków. In contrast, the trip to Auschwitz gave us all an eye opening experience of the hardships and prejudice the Jewish people had to endure.”

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