Nursery pupils go gingerbread crazy

Nursery pupils have been finding out all about the ‘Gingerbread Man’ thanks to a range of fun activities.

The boys and girls have been listening to, and joining in with, the fairy tale about the edible character’s attempts to escape from various pursuers.

The children took part in a role play in the nursery’s garden by choosing a character and using masks and puppets to represent their choice. They then retold the story with eager excitement using repeated phrases before chasing the gingerbread man!

A gingerbread café was set up and it proved to be very popular with the pupils developing counting skills and reinforcing number recognition by taking orders and using play money.

The children’s creative skills were also developed when making their own gingerbread people using ginger scented Play-Doh, decorating them with buttons and coloured pompoms.

The entertainment continued as the boys and girls had interactive fun on the whiteboard by singing the gingerbread men counting song and taking part in a game of matching the number of buttons on the gingerbread men.

Ethan Sparrow had a great time learning about the gingerbread man story. He said: “My favourite bit was story time because I got to wear the gingerbread man mask and run around!”

Jessica Storey enjoyed the creative element and said: “I liked baking the gingerbread man and it was fun using the raisins as buttons.”

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