The Self-Esteem Team speak at Shaa lecture

The Self-Esteem Team, an organisation committed to tackling issues surrounding mental health, body image and exam stress in teenagers, visited the school for a recent Shaa lecture.

Grace Barrett, a musician who has provided backing vocals for some of the UK’s top bands, set up the organisation with Natasha Devon MBE and Nadia Mendoza in 2013 after struggling with mind and body confidence.

Since then she has figured out how to put her best foot forward socially and understands anxiety, stress and depression, but also how to harness and overcome them. This meant that she was the perfect person to deliver the first session entitled “Mental Health: Healthy Ways to Handle Difficult Feelings”. During the talk she gave a candid, yet humorous, insight into the struggles she faced when growing up and how she lost her ‘sparkle’ and she gave tips and techniques on how to overcome these and deal with difficult feelings.

After a short break she gave a second talk on “Dealing with Exam Stress” which was enlightening for our sixth form pupils as they look ahead to A-level exams. She talked about focus and motivation and how to get the best out of yourself without getting stressed.

Head of sixth form Mr David Stone said of the visit: “It was great to have Grace come in and deliver funny and thought-provoking talks to boys and girls in upper and lower sixth.

“Maintaining positive mental health and developing resilience are big challenges for young people today and, as we enter an important time for the pupils approaching the exam period, it was the perfect opportunity for Grace to share her expertise and experiences with them about self-esteem and how to manage stress.”

To find out more about the Self-Esteem Team visit their website.

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