Nursery pupils learn more than the bear necessities

Nursery children enjoyed a bear themed week as they took part in activities with bears of all shapes, sizes and colours.

The boys and girls brought in their own teddies to show to each other and they even gave them a taste of the ‘bear porridge’ that they were having!

The pupils then developed their artistic skills as they drew fantastic pictures of their animals and these proudly went on display for all to see.

Storytime was interactive as pupils joined in with the “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” story by roleplaying with masks and puppets and trying out different bear voices! The exercise was a great way for them to learn about story sequencing whilst they boosted their creative skills by transforming the home corner into the three bears’ cottage and by painting the characters.

The boys and girls then ventured into the garden and the playground as they excitedly followed the bear footprints on a number of trails. Whilst doing so they used and learnt about positional language.

The children also developed their mathematical skills by counting and sorting bears by size, participating in games using dice and having a go at bear bingo!

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