Challenge underway for Animation17

Animation club pupils are currently preparing their entries for the Animation17 competition, a University of Manchester organised event that they have been involved with for the last five years. 

Pupils have sketched out their ideas, discussed them in small groups and are developing storyboards to make the animation come to life. They will develop a practical one minute animation which educates viewers on something they have been taught in the curriculum.

A wide mix of story themes are being used and pupils are making use of Stop Motion Pro and Adobe Flash Professional software to include model based animations using clay and sequences using electronic art.

Pupils are hoping that their entries will be successful, building upon the department’s achievements in previous years when entries have been recognised in the highly commended, winner and runner-up categories.

Animation club member first year Peter Walker said: “The club is really fun and challenging. It is challenging in that it takes a long time to get everything together as you have to shoot every single frame but it is a great feeling when something you have created from scratch comes to life. It also helps that some of my friends are in the club as well as we work well together.”

Fellow first year pupil Justin Campbell loves the creative element of the club: “I like the fact that you are able to use your imagination to create something new and getting to grips with the graphics part of the task is good fun too.”

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