Musical link up instrumental in sparking pupils’ love of music

Junior school pupils have been getting a helping hand from the senior school as they start their musical journeys.

A number of exciting music groups and special assemblies have been set up to encourage the younger pupils to take up an instrument before they move up to the senior school.

Superstrings is a group of 12 pupils from years three and four who make a weekly trip to the senior school’s music department to further their knowledge of string instruments. They try their hand at playing the violin, cello and double bass and develop ensemble and team-working skills.

The group is run by Mrs Jo Matthews, a senior school music teacher, who also teaches in the junior school to help create curriculum continuity when pupils move up.

The senior school plays host to junior school pupils after school on Wednesdays for a new brass and woodwind group. The younger pupils are taught by senior school staff Mr White and Mr Moore and they will build up to putting on a performance for parents, pupils and staff.

Some of the more experienced musicians from the senior school play at junior school assemblies before giving pupils the chance to ask them questions about their instrument and when they started to play.

There are plenty of music opportunities, including choirs and the orchestra, for children to enjoy in the junior school led by music specialist Mrs Ruth Cole.

Mr Michael Dow, Director of Music, said: “It is exciting to see the enthusiasm of senior school staff and pupils being shared with so many junior school pupils, many of whom are now keen to take advantage of these new opportunities to learn musical instruments.”

In the senior school, every pupil is encouraged to take up an instrument and they are given regular opportunities to explore which one might best suit them during their music lessons.

There are also many groups, bands and orchestras they can join giving them the chance to perform live to audiences at concerts held throughout the year.

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