Pupils get refreshing insight into medical profession

Nicola Williams (OS 2010) returned to the school to speak to the Medical Society about her experiences in the medical profession.

Nicola has just started working as a junior doctor, having studied medicine at the University of Birmingham. She has now spent eight months as a junior doctor and is based in Worcester.

During the talk, Nicola gave an insight into what life was really like for her as a medical student, and made some really valuable points for the Sixth Form and Fifth Year pupils to consider as they begin to make their next steps beyond Stockport Grammar School. Nicola shared her most positive experiences since Medical School, as well as some of the challenges she has faced as a Junior Doctor.

Nicola kindly offered to come back to the school so she could pass on some of the things she wished she had known before becoming a medical student and working in the profession. Head of Upper Sixth Mrs Katrina Britton thanked Nicola and said how beneficial it was for pupils to hear some of the realities of studying and working in the medical profession.

After the talk, Nicola’s sister Katie Williams (OS 2008) made the trip up from London to also return to the school. Katie has just set up her new business a few weeks ago, Threadgold, which provides high-end and bespoke tailoring for men. Katie graduated from Leeds University in 2012 with a First in Fashion Design and had been working at Fielding and Nicholson as a Tailoring Consultant before beginning her business venture.

Nicola and Katie really enjoyed spending the afternoon looking around the school site in the Spring sunshine and catching up with their former teachers.

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