Pupils have a (o)mega time on Greek Day

Year three pupils donned their togas and tunics, danced to traditional music and designed pottery as they celebrated Greek Day.

As part of the humanities curriculum, the pupils study the nature and achievements of an ancient civilisation and with such a rich history to work with, the boys and girls loved getting involved in a multitude of Greek activities.

Pupils learnt the Greek alphabet, from alpha to omega, and they used this knowledge to write their names in Greek on clay tablets.

Headmaster Mr Tim Wheeler helped pupils get creative as they designed some Greek pottery, pupils learnt more about Greek myths, senior school Head of Classics Mr Alastair Thorley came over to impart his knowledge on the subject and Mrs Alison Sullivan was on hand to deliver energetic Greek dancing lessons! During the dancing classes, the pupils derived great enjoyment from ‘smashing’ the paper plates that they had designed earlier in the day.

To finish off the day, the pupils held a banquet where they got to experience the many tastes and varieties of Greek food. The menu included olives, pitta, houmous, feta, kofta kebabs, Greek yoghurt and tzatziki and the girls and boys made sure they satisfied the appetite that the day’s activities and excitement had worked up.

Pupil Clara Zelhof said “my favourite part was hearing the Greek myth” whilst George Yuan announced that he “really liked smashing plates!”

Lucy Jones decided that “the most fun part of today was trying Greek food and dancing” and Harry Coles agreed saying “the dancing was funny and the food was really delicious!”

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