Junior School announce senior prefects and captains

At the Junior School’s first assembly of the academic year, Headmaster Mr Tim Wheeler awarded badges to the Year Six pupils that have been selected as senior prefects and house and team captains.

Senior prefects

In keeping with recent tradition, all Year Six pupils have been made a prefect with a number selected to be senior prefects. The senior prefects will assist head boy William Daniels and head girl Molly Parnell.

The senior prefects are: Georgia Atkinson, Charli Barnett, Bethany Burton, Alex Canty, Olivia Cartwright, Molly Coghlan, Luke Constantine-Williams, India Cowell, Evie Davis, Dimitris Dimopoulos, Marcus Foster, Matthew Galligan, Sachin Gholkar, Ella Hitchen, Nathan Job, Emilia Krywonos, Ahmar Malik, Tess McCarthy, Gideon McDermott-Swann, Thomas Mo, Stephen Monk, Thomas Morrison, Elsa Mullins, Freya Niven, Pippa Othen, Josh Roberts, Jamie Stewart, Amber Sullivan, Henry Thomas, Nicholas Turner and Sara Watson.

House captains

House captains are rotated each term meaning that six boys and girls will get the chance to lead their house throughout the year.

The House captains for Arden are: Frazer Assheton-Smith, Niamh Bentley, Harry Cook, Zimar Jatoi, Elise Muthappan and Sara Watson.

The House captains for Nicholson are: Molly Coghlan, Sachin Gholkar, Aryanah Latif, Ben Lavender, Raed Uddin and Darcy.

The House captains for Warren are: Nathan Hopley, Tilly Hynes, Joshua Martin, Millie Nuttall, Pippa Othen and Jack Rafter.

The House captains for Vernon are: Bethany Burton, Jameson Chatha, Lara Mathen, Reis Patel, Anna Porter and Nick Turner.

House and team captains

Joshua Roberts is the Leader of the Orchestra and the sports captains are: football – Jameson Chatha; rugby – Harry Cook; netball – Molly Coghlan; cross country – Charli Barnett; boys’ swimming – Reis Patel; and girls’ swimming – Niamh Bentley.

Headmaster Mr Tim Wheeler said: “As our children reach Year Six, we are keen to extend positions of responsibility as widely as possible but, at the same time, we only want to appoint those who feel ready for responsibility.

“I am delighted that so many of our Year Six children have applied to become prefects and they, along with our house captains and sports captains, will provide an important example to others within the school.”

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