Pre-Reception enjoy their revamped learning environment

Exciting changes have taken place in our Pre-Reception – formerly Nursery – classroom and the children have settled in with confidence and excitement for the term ahead.

Over the summer, staff were supported by the Early Excellence Centre in Huddersfield to help revamp the furniture, room layout and resources.

The Pre-Reception has new areas for play which enable and encourage our children to be independent and self-sufficient.

Through their play, they develop motivation and resilience along with learning to take turns and making choices.

Children are confident to have a go at new things, which we have already seen as they explore the different areas and develop their own play.

Mrs Catherine Hampson, EYFS Coordinator, said: “We have chosen to rename our Nursery as Pre-Reception to clearly reflect what we, as a school, offer for the early education of our youngest pupils. The class is very much a pre-cursor to Reception and, in conjunction with the children’s play, our well-qualified staff provide small group activities to develop skills in numeracy and literacy.

“The children access a full curriculum and are able to freely experience our outside area. They were particularly excited to start their swimming lessons and have also enjoyed their first outing, a walk to our local shops.

“You are very welcome to come and see us in action and, as many of our parents have said, be tempted to ‘stay and play’!”

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