Challenges cracked and friendships forged on First Year residential

First Year pupils got to know each other well during an activity-packed three day residential trip at Dearne Valley.

The boys and girls were split up into small groups which included pupils from other forms. This allowed them to interact with some of their form mates and meet other pupils throughout the year as well.

Each group took part in a range of team building and high rope activities including ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, where they had to help each other up logs spaced at wide intervals, and ‘High All Aboard’, which saw pupils climbing a 30 foot telegraph pole before balancing on top of a platform no larger than a pizza box. Pupils also participated in a ‘Night Line’ which involved doing an obstacle course whilst blindfolded!

The activities enabled them to learn to work together to solve problems and allowed them to build teamwork and communication skills.

In the evenings everyone settled down around the campfire to chat and get to know each other better.

Oliver Hewitt enjoyed his time on the residential: “I knew a few people in First Year but they are not in my form so I got to meet new people. I enjoyed ‘High All Aboard’ as it was really high and challenging. I liked the fact that we had to work as a team a lot as it meant we gained each other’s trust.”

Brooke Richards was nervous before the trip but was glad she went: “I joined Stockport Grammar from another school so I didn’t know too many people in the year but I had a great time at Dearne Valley. It is a great way to get to know people better and everyone was so encouraging.”

Jessica Jones loved the opportunity to get to meet new people: “I was excited to go on the trip as I wanted to speak to and get to know more people. I went to the Junior School so already knew a few people in the year so I wanted to meet the new people and make them feel comfortable. The trip was also good in that you got to see the social side of people.”

The trip helped Euan McIlwraith conquer his fear of heights: “I am not a big fan of heights so it was great when I managed to complete ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and ‘High All Aboard’ thanks to everyone’s encouragement. I liked the fact that we had some chill out time as it meant that we could socialise in the dorms and find out more about each other.”

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