Year Two demonstrate their love of Lowry at Art afternoon

Year Two pupils were joined by members of their family for an Art Afternoon as they showed off their artistic ability to create collages of L. S. Lowry’s work.

Earlier in the term the boys and girls visited The Lowry in Salford where they went on a tour and took part in a workshop to build on the skills and knowledge they had gained in History and Art lessons.

The trip allowed them to study the artist’s work in greater detail and in the workshops they learnt how to draw faces showing different expressions. They then used this experience to draw some of Lowry’s work, including ‘The Portrait of Ann’ and ‘The Man with Red Eyes’.

Back in school they continued to work on Lowry inspired artworks which culminated at the Art Afternoon.

During the afternoon, the pupils focussed on L. S. Lowry’s landscape works and, with the help of their family member, they designed and decorated a page using a host of different materials. Once they had completed their artwork, they joined them together with other creations to produce a number of collages which are now on display in the corridor outside Mrs Hudson’s and Mrs Turner’s classrooms.

Amelia Delaney in 2H had a great time at the Art afternoon: “I enjoyed sticking the fabric onto the paper with my mum and Siyana’s dad” whilst classmate Thomas Waite enjoyed working as a team: “I worked together with Alexander to draw a church, a house and a school.”

Clelia Giglio in 2T also liked collaborating with the parents: “I loved drawing with my mum and Ruby’s dad” and Marco Burns, also from 2T, said: “I drew a church and a factory with my dad and it was great.”

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