First week fun for Pre-Reception pupils

Pre-Reception pupils had heaps of fun as they settled in to school and started to make new friends.

The boys and girls, who join the school at age three, met their classmates and formed instant bonds as they got used to their new surroundings – which this year includes a walk-in sandpit.

Pre-Reception 2018

It’s the start of an exciting term for the children which will see them enjoy swimming lessons, attend assemblies and explore other parts of the school. They will also take part in the Harvest Festival; go on walks to Davenport; buy bread and jam to get used to numbers; learn about fruit and vegetables by fruit painting and make a fruit salad; enjoy autumn walks and start preparing for the nativity!

Pre-Reception 2018

The first couple of weeks of the new academic year are devised to help the children get used to the new routine and include lots of activities to find out more about the other boys and girls and to get to know teachers and classroom assistants.

The also move around the various activity stations in the classroom, learn to use the computers and play in the outside space.

Pre-Reception 2018

Foundation Stage Co-ordinator Mrs Catherine Hampson said:

“The boys and girls have settled in so well and have had a great first week. They have been very good at making friends; they are very talkative and their enthusiasm and energy has been wonderful to see!”

Jasmin Sandhu said:

“I have had fun playing and I am making lots of new friends,”

Whilst Hayaan Patel added:

“I have enjoyed the first week. I like playing on the computers and all of the boys and girls are nice.”

Pre-Reception 2018

Harry Dickinson said:

“This week has been good fun and I have enjoyed running about and playing football.”

Thomas Cliff was a fan of the addition of the new sandpit. He quipped:

“I liked the sand between my toes – it was very tickly.”

To see more about what the Pre-Reception pupils are up to this year, please see our Pre-Reception curriculum.

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