Software and engineering lessons with K’NEX

Junior School K'NEX Day

Year 5 pupils demonstrated their teamwork, engineering and programming skills at a K’NEX workshop delivered by STEMworks scientist Simon Kettle. The pupils designed and built their own fairground model and learnt how to use computer programming software to control it.

The children created their own carousels or Ferris wheels using K’NEX construction kits and then wrote their own software programs using ‘Flowol 4’ software which made the models move, play music and show flashing lights. Pupils had the opportunity to experiment with engineering techniques that included different structures, gears and other mechanisms whilst modelling their design.

Junior School K'NEX Day

The pupils really enjoyed the day, with their attention fully focused throughout the tasks and a buzz of excitement in the air. Ella Merryweather from 5S said:

“I came up with 4 seat design ideas for my Ferris wheel. The day was great fun.”

Whilst Charlie Singleton from 5C said:

“It was amazing how we could make our funfair rides move using computer programming. I was impressed with all of the models.”

Junior School K'NEX Day

The day’s activities provided valuable insight into how computer programming and engineering are used in our daily lives. Nicolette Leung from class 5S said:

“I really enjoyed constructing my Ferris wheel.”

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