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No Policy Notes
1 School trips (pdf)
2 Exclusion and expulsion policy (pdf)
3 Behaviour and discipline policy (pdf)
5 Anti-bullying policy (pdf)

Senior School anti-bullying procedures (pdf)

Junior School anti-bullying procedure (pdf)

9 Email and internet policy (pdf)
10 Admission policy and procedures (pdf)
12 Risk assessment policy (pdf)
16 Data protection policy (pdf)
18 Complaints procedure (pdf)

Early years foundation stage summary of Complaints procedure (pdf)

Additional information concerning Complaints procedure (pdf)

19 Accessibility plan (pdf)

Actions and Targets (pdf)

21 Special educational needs and disability policy (pdf)
22 Taking, using and storing images policy (pdf)
23 Health and safety policy (pdf)
25 Alcohol, drugs and substances policy (pdf)
27 Whole School equal opportunity policy (pdf)
29 Safeguarding policy (pdf)

Safeguarding policy appendix 1: advice to staff (pdf)

Safeguarding policy appendix 2: note of concern (pdf)

Safeguarding policy appendix 3: skin map (pdf)

Safeguarding policy appendix 4: staff code of conduct (pdf)

Safeguarding policy appendix 5: safeguarding response to children missing education (pdf)

Safeguarding policy appendix 6: visiting speaker protocol (pdf)

Safeguarding policy appendix 7: radicalisation risk assessment (pdf)

Keeping children safe in education (pdf)

30 Environment and travel policy (pdf)
34 School fee policy (pdf)
36 Protected disclosure (whistle-blowing) policy (pdf)
37 First aid policy (pdf)
38 Recruitment, selection and disclosure policy and procedure (pdf)

Equal opportunities for staff policy (pdf)

43 Fire safety policy and procedures – Senior School (pdf)
44 Fire safety policy and procedures – Junior School and Pre-Reception (pdf)
45 Whole School curriculum policy (pdf)

Additional policies

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