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Harry “Robbie” Robinson (OS - Proctor)

We are deeply saddened to report the death of Harry Robinson (Robbie), fondly remembered by Old Stops over many years as the Proctor until his retirement in 1990. Harry’s funeral took place at Norbury Parish Church on 30th January.

“Robbie” was one of the post-war generation teachers whose contribution was exemplary. He arrived in 1952, a graduate in French from Manchester University and taught that language with discipline throughout his time at school.

His service with the RAF made him the ideal candidate to become CO of the ATC. He played an important role in school music for many years founding a wind band and giving permanent existence to an orchestra. He was meticulous in his record keeping and was, for a long time, responsible for the organisation of external examinations.

Hugh Wright created the post of Proctor which Robbie applied himself to with loyalty and his usual high level of care and attention to detail much preferring to find a lost Home Economics basket or lend a tie than write a hard letter home or hold a detention.

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