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Wg. Cdr. Val Hodgkinson (OS Former Bursar 1978-1991)

W are very sorry to inform you that Wing Commander Valentine Hodgkinson, former Bursar of Stockport Grammar School (1978-1991), passed away on 26th December 2017.

The following extract has been taken from the announcements section of The Telegraph:

Val. Hodgkinson WgCdr (Rtd) died on 26th December, much loved husband of Dawn, loving father and grandfather. Funeral on 19th January, 3pm at North Devon Crematorium. Enquiries to L. Clarke & Sons, Tel. 01271 813526.

An extract from The Stopfordian, 1991:


Wg. Cdr. V. A. Hodgkinson was appointed Bursar in 1978 in succession to Wg. Cdr. J. M. Gilchrist who had been Bursar since 1962.  At that time The Grammar School had not altered very much over the previous fifty years.  The School had been independent for two years following the loss of the Direct Grant status; money was still short and the administrative and financial organisation was much as it always had been.  Mr J. C. Moult was Chairman of Governors, Mr F. W. Scott was Headmaster and Mr D. J. Roberts was Second Master.  An Old Stop. returning to the School would have had little difficulty in recognising his old School and he would have found many long-service teachers in the Common Room including W. Herman, J. G. Gosling, J. T. Stanley, A. P. Smith, D. J. Roberts, H. D. Robinson, R. D. H. Reeman and J. G. Durnall.

By the time of Wg. Cdr. Hodgkinson’s retirement in March 1991, an Old Stop. returning to his or her old School would have marvelled at the differences.  Mr D. Blank had given way to Mr W. A. Kershaw as Chairman of the Governing Body.  Mr H. R. Wright had been succeeded by Mr D. R. J. Bird as Headmaster and Mr D. J. Roberts, Mr R. D. H. Reeman, and Mr J. G. Durnall were the only remaining long-serving teachers.  The School buildings had been improved, repaired and altered; there was a major extension for the Junior School; the magnificent new Dining Hall had been build for the Senior School; the superb additions to the Hallam buildings were well underway; the School had a swimming pool; the buildings of the Convent High School had been altered and improved, and the playing fields had been extended, levelled and drained.  Perhaps the most important of all, three years of girls had progressed all the way through the Senior School.  While all these improvements were the responsibility of the Governors and the work of many other people, Wg. Cdr. Hodgkinson was at the heart of the decision-making and the financial control.

Wg. Cdr. Hodgkinson wasted little time in making his mark.  His wisdom and foresight were instrumental in the acquisition of the Convent Girls’ High School site and buildings.  This brought him a great deal of extra work as these buildings required significant alterations and adjustments.  Year by year through the eighties, classrooms and facilities were ready for an additional seventy pupils.  The academic departments were moved.  A fine team of maintenance men was recruited.  The accounting systems were altered.  “Cash-flow” became a key word and budgets were allocated in a new way.  Throughout his time as Bursar, Wg. Cdr. Hodgkinson’s budget forecasts were extraordinarily accurate, if slightly pessimistic, enabling Governors to plan their development and expenditure prudently.

Few know of Val Hodgkinson’s tireless work; he could be relied upon to appear at the most unexpected moments.  He had a tremendous loyalty to The Grammar School and he really cared about its standing, reputation and future.  The School was indeed fortunate to have his insight and expertise throughout a key period of expansion and development.  He helped to create a strong momentum that will carry the School forward into the twenty-first century.  He was helped immensely by his wife, Dawn, who in turn was instrumental in setting-up the sales of second-hand uniform which have helped so many families.  His son, Paul, was a fine Stopfordian who added a further understanding to Val Hodgkinson’s work as Bursar.


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