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Aachen trip develops linguistic skills

Twenty nine Second Year pupils tested their linguistic skills as they visited the German spa city of Aachen.

A tour of the city allowed the group to familiarise themselves with their surroundings, including its stunning cathedral. They then navigated their way into the warmth of a café where they ordered drinks using the knowledge and skills they have developed in the classroom.

After consuming their beverages, the pupils were eager to head out onto the streets of the city – which borders Belgium and the Netherlands – to conduct a survey.

They asked local people a raft of questions and enjoyed using their skills in a real-life situation. The locals were impressed with the standard of the pupils’ ability and this gave the linguists a great deal of confidence.

Aachen is famous for its wonderful Christmas Markets, which transform the squares and streets around the Cathedral and the Aachen Town Hall into a paradise of lights and colours, festive sounds and seductive smells.

The Second Years approached stallholders to speak to them about what they were selling – further utilising their knowledge and skills – and purchased souvenirs and a number of food items.

Pupil Lucia Smart said: “The Christmas Markets were amazing! There were so many stalls and an excellent range of stuff to buy.”

The group travelled across the border into Belgium for a spot of bowling and a tasty dinner before making their way back to Cheshire the following morning.

Pupil Evie Davies said: “I enjoyed interviewing local people as it was fun and challenging and they were really friendly. I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone as there are lots of different things to do.”

Head of Modern Foreign Languages Miss Sylvia Gibson said: “The pupils have only been learning German for a few months, but they were able to make themselves understood in lots of different kinds of situations.

“They really enjoyed trying out the local gingerbread specialities but it was the hot chocolate that went down the best. Great fun was mixed in with education and culture, which is the way it should be.”