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Aachen trip develops pupils’ linguistic skills

43 Second Year pupils enjoyed practising their German skills on a weekend visit to the spa city of Aachen just before Christmas.

Pupils were able to get their bearings in the city, which borders Belgium and the Netherlands, with a tour before they visited a café to order their drinks in the native tongue.

After fuelling themselves up, the tourists then conducted a street survey where they asked local people questions using the language they had studied during the term. The pupils had great fun testing their skills and the locals were impressed with the standard.

Aachen’s famous Christmas markets were up next for the sightseers and they continued to speak in German as they bought souvenirs as well as German sausage, waffles and Kinder Glühwein from the stalls.

The pupils, and staff, then travelled across the border into Belgium where they had dinner and went bowling.

Pupil Joseph Eaton said of the trip: “It was a great experience to travel to Germany and find out more about their culture and way of life. I really enjoyed speaking to the local people and getting to communicate with them in their own language.”

Chloe Olajide added: “I enjoyed visiting the Christmas market and it was nice to see the buildings and learn the history of this friendly city. I would definitely recommend the trip to other pupils as it has made me more confident with German and it was good to spend even more time with friends.”