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Action-packed residential inspires Year Five pupils

65 Year Five pupils enjoyed a busy and entertaining three days of challenging activities during their residential at the Hollowford Centre in Castleton.

The range of activities on offer was wide-ranging and stimulating with the boys and girls trying their hand at tasks such as caving, climbing, zip-wiring, raft building, night walks and weaselling.

The challenges encouraged pupils to communicate and work as a team – qualities that they will make excellent use of in everyday life, both in and out of school.

Pupil Ella Merryweather said: “The caving was an amazing experience. We did it at night and when we came out of the cave the moon was a crescent moon. The experience has inspired me to do it again,” whilst William Dyson commented: “I really liked the rafting. After we had made the raft we got to try them on the water and we all jumped in and our shoes got soggy!”

Connie Sibthorpe remarked: “When I was climbing up the ladder on the high ropes my legs were shaking like jelly. I didn’t give up though and got to hang in the air – it was really fun,” and Qasim Quaiyoom added: “The zip-wire was so fun. You went flying over the pond and it was fun crashing into the net at the end!”

Outdoor Education Co-ordinator Mr Adam Hughes concluded: “It was a fantastic trip with some very tired young people and staff by the end! It was great to see pupils develop over the three days as they grew in confidence and embraced the opportunities. Well done, everyone!”