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Amazing athletic ability showcased during sports days

This year’s Senior School, Junior School and Pre-reception sports days were affected by the eclectic British weather but we were still treated to a comprehensive and impressive display of athletic ability from pupils of all ages.

Senior School sports day

Warren House were the big winners at the Senior School sports day as they won both the Athletics Challenge Bowl and the T.J. Anderson Trophy – awarded to the House that has accrued the highest mean Athletics Standards points.

Pupils from First to Fourth Year took part in a range of events on the track and in the field and there were lots of great performances with a host of records broken.

Records broken in first year were:

  • Girls’ Long Jump – Maya Anderson jumped 4.20m (previous record set in 2010)
  • Girls’ 800m – Libby Porter ran 2:50.1 mins (previous record set 2012)
  • Boys’ 200m – Albert Bradshaw ran 27.6 secs (previous record set 2012)
  • Boys’ 300m – Tom Manton ran 45.7 secs (previous record set 2016)
  • Boys’ 1500m – Tom Manton ran 5:03 mins (previous record set 2010)

Records broken in second year were:

  • Girls’ 200m – Daisy Keigher ran 27.3 secs (previous record set 1986)
  • Boys’ 200m – Oluwalayomi Phillips ran 25.4 secs (previous record set 2006)
  • Boys’ 300m – Taylor Barnett ran 44.5 secs (previous record set 2016)

Records broken in third year were:

  • Girls’ 300m – Lily Rathore ran 48.4 secs (previous record set 2016)

The overall winners from each year were:

  • First Year
    • Girls’ Victrix Ludorum – Colleen Devlin
    • Boys’ Victor Ludorum – Miles Cooke
  • Second Year
    • Girls’ Victrix Ludorum – Daisy Keigher
    • Boys’ Victor Ludorum – Oluwalayomi Phillips
  • Third Year
    • Girls’ Victrix Ludorum – Lily Rathore
    • Boys’ Victor Ludorum – Hassan Khan
  • Fourth Year
    • Girls’ Victrix Ludorum – Pippa Crook
    • Boys’ Victor Ludorum – Emilio Ramirez

Junior School sports day

The Junior School sports day was a weather wipe out, as was the reserve date. Instead we held mini sports day events with each year group.

The children completed a long jump, ball throw and a 50m sprint race. There were some fantastic results and many of the children improved on their first attempts. Despite it being a smaller occasion the children enjoyed themselves and made every effort to do their best.

  • In Year Three the house placings were: 1st Vernon, joint 2nd Arden, Nicholson, 4th Warren
  • In Year Four the house placings were: 1st Arden, 2nd Nicholson, joint 3rd Vernon, Warren
  • In Year Five the house placings were: 1st Warren, 2nd Nicholson, 3rd Arden, 4th Vernon
  • In Year Six the house placings were: 1st Arden, 2nd Nicholson, 3rd Vernon, 4th Warren

Infant sports day

Infant sports day gave the youngest children the opportunity to showcase their developing running, jumping and throwing skills.

They competed against their friends in nerf howler throw, sack race, relay race and the hurdles before sitting to enjoy the sprint races as a grandstand event.

Pre-reception children also tried hurdles, a bean bag throw and a shopping race.

The children enjoyed their afternoon of activities and tried their hardest to show the watching supporters how their skills had improved.

It was a great time with plenty of fun and laughter and the children earned many reward stickers.

Many thanks to the Stopfordian Parents’ Association for providing refreshments and to the year six children who supported and encouraged their younger counterparts.