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Announcement from the OSA

Please note that arising from a recent meeting of the OSA Committee, and in accordance with the written agreement and request of the necessary number of members pursuant to Rule 10 of the OSA Constitution, a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the OSA is to be held on Monday 12th February 2018 at 8pm in the Governors’ Room at SGS and I hereby give NOTICE to that effect.

The main purpose of the SGM will be to discuss and vote upon the following two new Rules proposed to be added to the OSA Constitution:-

13. The Committee shall have the power to make grants on behalf of the Association and, if considered appropriate, to affiliate or merge with or transfer its assets to any other organisation.

14. At least two thirds of the members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the Association may resolve to dissolve the Association. The assets (if any) remaining after provision has been made for all of the Association’s liabilities must be applied by the Committee in the following ways;

a) by transfer to Stockport Grammar School or

b) by transfer to one or more other bodies which the Committee members in their absolute discretion consider appropriate and (subject thereto) directly for the objects of the Association or purposes within or similar to those objects.

David Garrett
OSA Secretary
7th January, 2018