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Arden cake seals House Bake Off prize

Fourth year pupils Lauren Suddards and Sonu Thomas were picked as the star bakers in the annual House Bake Off competition.

Baking expert Tony Paton, who has been involved in previous years of the competition, returned to the school to judge all of the cakes on display.

Each of our four houses were represented by contestants who had one hour to put the finishing touches on their bakes, and to then present their showstoppers.

Tony chose Lauren and Sonu, representing Arden, as the overall winners with their spectacular chocolate ‘tree stump’ cake. Tony was impressed with the high standard of the competition, noting that “there’s so much talent” and that “everyone’s cakes were really well thought through”.

Other pupils’ ideas ranged from ‘rocket’ cakes to waterfall, flower and fruit themes. There were even two ‘cookie monster’ cakes.

Vernon came close by taking second and third place, Nicholson took fourth and sixth place, Warren took fifth and seventh place whilst Arden clinched eighth to accompany their win with top spot.