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Audiences delighted at the magic of Madagascar

Audiences were wowed by Year Six’s energetic and humorous musical production of Madagascar.

The annual production is always a highlight of the Spring term and this year the audience found themselves laughing at the larger than life characters from the Central Park Zoo who, through a series of mishaps, end up marooned on Madagascar.

Stand out performances came from a number of pupils. Josh Roberts as King Julien had everyone moving to the beat and his deadpan side kick Maurice, played by Marcus Foster, helped him to play for laughs.

Molly Parnell as Marty the Zebra was able to showcase her amazing strength as a singer and as Alex the Lion, Jameson Chatha gave a dynamic acting performance.

The costumes, face make-up and hair were particularly striking and helped to bring the characters to life, as did the animated dancing and spirited singing in the chorus numbers.

Jameson said: “I absolutely loved the play. It was such an honour to play Alex the lion and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show.”

Molly added: “I really enjoyed the show. It was hard work but it definitely was all worth it.”

The production of the shows was a collaboration between Mrs Alison Sullivan and Mrs Ruth Cole.

Mrs Cole concluded: “All of the actors kept us amused, enchanted and on the edge of our seats as the bid for freedom took them on their travels. Well done to all of the Year Six pupils for some incredible energy in their singing, dancing and acting and for leaving us with such brilliant memories.”

Thanks to parents Mrs Vlassis and Mrs Wimbleton for helping with the stunning costumes.