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Award winning novelist visit inspires pupils to hit their peak

Matt Dickinson, an award winning novelist and film-maker, visited Stockport Grammar School to deliver a talk about his mountaineering experiences, what it takes to be a writer and to sign copies of his books.

Matt, who was one of the climbers caught in the 1996 Mount Everest disaster, ran through his experiences on reaching the summit via the treacherous North Face.

Since then he has worked on documentaries for National Geographic Television, Discovery Channel and the BBC and has now focused on writing fiction for teenagers. He is writing a trilogy of books focusing on the central character of Ryan Hart and has released “The Everest Files” and “North Face” with the third and final title – “Killer Storm” – on its way.

Pupils were in awe of the stories he had from his travels and were keen to find out more about his journey to become a writer and how his books came about – from the initial idea through to the end product.

It was an enlightening talk and it certainly captured the pupils’ imagination as the questions kept coming – even when he was signing copies of his book!

Who knows, we could have the next Edmund Hillary or J. K. Rowling in our midst!