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Celebration time at the Leavers’ Concert

This year’s Leavers’ Concert had a celebratory feel as we said goodbye to our Upper Sixth musicians.

Mr Kennedy’s Wind Orchestra opened the show with the Spanish and Irish influenced ‘Juan for the Road’ before Copland’s beautiful ‘Down a Country Lane’. The band then tackled the tricky ‘Phantom of The Opera’, featuring an epic scream from Jess Lloyd.

Junior Percussion were next up, led by Mr Landon, who composed the first piece ‘X Force’ and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the group’s lively performance of ‘Ghostbusters’.

The first half was brought to a close by Chorus, led by Mr Dow, featuring the ever popular ‘California Dreamin’’ and ‘Bridge over Troubled Waters’.

After a short break the packed audience enjoyed lively performances from Concert Band of ‘Wallace and Gromit’, ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ and a medley from ‘Wicked’.

The Senior Percussion Ensemble then stepped up and gave an electric performance of ‘Low Life’ before playing a fantastic piece on bins and pots called ‘Stinking Garbage’. This piece was very fast and energetic; Dan Grant coped admirably with breaking a drum stick halfway through as he smoothly pulled a spare from his pocket without skipping a beat.

But despite all the brilliant performances already heard, the evening belonged to the Leavers’ Ensemble who performed a medley of songs reflecting on their time at the school. Led by Jess Lloyd, who opened with an excellent parody of Mr Dow’s pre-concert Health and Safety announcements, the large group of leavers crooned their way through an emotional performance with several of the group in tears.

The evening was brought to a close with the customary speeches. Mr Dow thanked Mr Chicken for his unfailing support of the Music department before the pupils gave heartfelt thanks to the teachers. The evening was an excellent celebration of a year of hard work and the Music department would like to wish the leavers the best of luck in their future endeavours.