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Climbers reach new heights on trip to Spain

Pupils on the climbing trip to Spain witnessed stunning views and honed their skills during a fun and enjoyable week in the autumn sun.

The boys and girls kicked the trip off with a visit to Alcalalí, the perfect venue to allow them to get into the swing of things. Most pupils went straight into lead climbing and demonstrated some great climbing independence from the start.

The next day involved a visit to Abdet, a crag that offered the chance to experience a different style of climbing on longer routes. The climbing was more technical than the previous day and required the climbers to focus on how to use their feet.

The pupils built upon what they learnt in the first couple of days on their visit to Gandia crag. The climbs offered a variety of styles and the climbers showed their independence by selecting their own routes. Everyone enjoyed the challenge and the novelty of the cave route.

The aim of the day at Sierra de Toix was to have a more relaxed session and then hit the beach. Again pupils were excellent in self-selecting climbs and taking responsibility for themselves. This allowed trip leader, and Outdoor Education Co-ordinator, Mr Adam Hughes the opportunity to take pupils up Espolón Limaban.

For most pupils this was their first multi-pitch experience, and it was a gem of a route to do it on. Not only did pupils have to cope with the added exposure for the height, they also had to manage the ropes, use belay stances and deal with the complexity that comes with multiple people on an abseil.

A long drive to the crag at Montesa delivered a nice mix of sunny and shaded routes whilst also offering some trickier climbs to the more confident pupils.

The final day saw the boys and girls travel to Forada, a crag only 30 minutes from the airport. The group packed up early and used the time to take a more adventurous route back through the cave that cuts through from the south side of the crag to the north – a nice little challenge to finish things off.

Speaking at the end of the trip, Mr Hughes said: “It has been a great week with all of the pupils showing huge improvement. I look forward to seeing them apply everything they have learnt during the week on the school’s climbing wall this term!”