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Co-curricular clubs inspire

First Orchestra hone their skills in rehearsals

Stockport Grammar School has an active and comprehensive co-curricular programme for both Senior and Junior School pupils and the range of activities we provide means that whether a child is sporty, musical, dramatic, thoughtful, competitive, curious, caring or creative, there is something to inspire.

The latest ISI Inspection noted that: “Pupils excel in a wide range of creative and physical pursuits and are supported in their achievements by the wide-ranging extra-curricular programme, very good sports facilities, and excellent teaching and specialist sports coaching.”

Here is a look at a few of the activities that have been taking place this half-term.

Senior School

Music Clubs

Senior School musicians made the most of the wonderful space and acoustics in the atmospheric Hallam Hall as they took part in rehearsals before and after school and during lunchtimes.

Whether it is the Junior Percussion Ensemble, Senior Jazz Band, First Orchestra or the Chamber Choir – it is great to hear the beautiful sounds emanating from the Hallam Hall as the talented pupils hone their skills.

Drama Club

During lunchtimes on Wednesdays Drama Club took place and it was always a hive of excitement.

In one of the sessions pupils worked in pairs to put their spin on a piece called ‘Fancy’ and each group delivered charismatic and dynamic versions.

Lower Sixth Debate Club

Every other Friday at lunchtime the Lower Sixth Debate Club met in a Woodsmoor classroom to discuss an interesting and absorbing topic.

The co-curricular activity allows the students to develop their communication and debating skills, as well as utilising their researching and case building ability.

Issues they have covered so far this academic year include the monarchy and the death penalty.

Outdoor Education

Keen mountain bikers have enjoyed a couple of trips out on different trails.

They kicked off the academic year with a day in the Marple and Rowarth area before focusing on cornering and maintaining speed down a trail at Lady Canning’s Plantation.

Other adventurers headed to Hobson Moor Quarry for a climbing day in the sunshine.

Read more on the Outdoor Education blog.

Junior School

Junior School children have been enjoying a wealth of activities during lunchtime and after school this term.

Street Dance and Yoga have both invigorated and relaxed some of our children, whilst both STEM and Touch Typing Clubs have challenged and inspired some of our Key Stage 2 children.

Street Dance Club

Year One pupils demonstrated their athleticism and ability to follow instructions as they took part in an energetic Street Dance session.

It was great to see all of the participants throw themselves wholeheartedly into the activity and pull off some impressive moves.

Yoga Club

Year Four pupils reduced the pace a little as they proved their flexibility by striking a number of poses during Miss Peake’s yoga class.

After half-term, Year Five girls and boys will have the chance to sign up for the relaxing co-curricular club.

Touch Typing Club

On Tuesdays in the ICT room, Year Four children improved their computer proficiency by attending the Touch Typing Club.

The girls and boys exercised their muscle memory as they tried to type without looking at the keyboard.


On Thursdays STEM Club met up after school to further explore aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

In one session Year Six children designed and constructed bridges from wooden lolly sticks to see which design could bridge a 30cm gap and hold the most weight. The attendees had to think about the aesthetic of the bridge as well as its capability to hold weight.

In another session, the pupils had a range of equipment to choose from to create a mechanism to launch a small plastic alien baby toy as far as they could!

One of the last sessions of the term saw them create a boat to carry as many passengers as possible and not sink.


Following last year’s LAMDA Club, Year Three to Six pupils were recently awarded their certificates after showcasing their speech and drama talent in LAMDA examinations.

During the exams, children performed individual pieces and verbally answered questions to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. The children were awarded Distinctions and Merits for their fantastic, engaging performances and detailed subject knowledge.

Their LAMDA teachers, Ms Cathy Bates and Miss Helen Sherwood, were delighted and extremely proud of their success – particularly of the determination and resilience demonstrated by children as they quickly adapted to changes and to online learning.