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Curiosity sparks independent research

Inspired by topics studied in school, a number of determined and creative Junior School pupils have taken it upon themselves to do some independent research and project work.

Year Four pupil Sadie-May Feehan loves animals and her favourite subject is Science, so she relished the chance to put together a poster on English naturalist, geologist and biologist Charles Darwin.

Her interest was piqued on a trip to the Natural History Museum in London where she saw his statue, original books and collection of finches.

The research will stand her in good stead in her career aspirations to be a vet.

Year Three sister and brother Bella and Joshua Hughes put together a booklet on the Ancient Egyptians after learning about them in school.

The ancient history enthusiasts were intrigued by the mummification process and finding out more about Tutankhamun and thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Manchester Museum to view their vast collection. Their favourite subject in school is Maths.

Year Five pupil Robbie Jack did a piece on his grandfather Professor Kenneth Jack, whose most notable achievement was to develop the Synthetic Ruby.

He was also involved in the creation of Sialon and won many awards.

Robbie’s favourite subject is Art and Design Technology as he likes creating stuff – it looks like inventiveness is a family trait!

Fellow Year Five pupil Toby Burton also got creative as he penned his own story entitled ‘The Diary Of A Viking Boy’.

Toby’s favourite subject is Science but he likes English as he enjoys creating fun stories and he was inspired to write this piece after reading the ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ books.

Switching languages to Spanish, Year Four pupil Yasmine Zaki created her own resource of Spanish words and phrases as a result of learning the language in school.