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David Mort’s debut novel now available

David Mort, former head of French at Stockport Grammar School, has been in touch to let us know that his debut novel A Song for Europe is now available to buy from Amazon, where it has already received five star reviews from customers.

A Song For Europe book coverThe book’s blurb reads:

Pete, 1960s failed pop musician and 1990s loser, returns home late one night after a drunken karaoke session at his local. When he decorates the carpet, it’s the last straw for Tina, his long-suffering wife of over 30 years. She packs her bags and leaves. But, just when it seems that Pete has hit rock bottom, an internet cock-up changes his life forever. The boozy assistant caretaker from Liverpool is handed another chance of success when the fledgling democracy of Slavonicia hatches a sensational plan to save the nation from economic meltdown. The amiable but naive Pete finds himself recruited to boost the impoverished country’s chances of boarding the EC gravy train. His task: to ensure that Slavonicia wins the Eurovision Song Contest. Others, however, have a different agenda. Sex, drugs, rock and roll, high-level international political intrigue and low farce: watching the Eurovision will never be the same again!

The book’s cover was designed by David’s son and fellow Old Stopfordian Dan Mort (OS 1998), whose recent exhibition of sculptures, Obliquity, at New York City’s Charles Bank Gallery was a massive success which saw all of his pieces sold.