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Dreams of Anne Frank create a powerful drama

Upper School pupils delivered two compelling performances of this autumn’s Drama Production, ‘Dreams of Anne Frank’, a dramatic interpretation of her diary by Bernard Kops.

The play, which blends the youngster’s imagination with the harsh reality around her, celebrates the 13 year old’s vitality whilst at the same time reminding us of the Nazi dogma that led to her death and that of millions like her.

Despite the emotional and serious subject matter, the play is interspersed with pockets of humour, delivered by a wonderful cast.

Sonu Thomas shines as the titular character with Ben Sullivan, Grace Shropshire and Ella Dearden turning in great performances as her father, mother and sister respectively.

Emma Scorah, Sam Wilkinson and William Woodside impress as the Van Daans, the family that share the attic with the Franks.

Maryam Ghaznavi voices the Diary with aplomb, Alex Grant portrays Mr Dussel to a tee and Daniel Grant effortlessly changes characters as he plays Winston Churchill, ‘Man’ and Adolf Hitler.

Head of Drama Mrs Alison Moffatt said: “It has been a great privilege to work with the pupils to produce this play. They have been uncompromisingly respectful and compassionate and the whole team have crafted a production that brings us all closer to the real Anne Frank.”

In addition to the cast, the play was made possible thanks to the excellent work of the Lighting and Sound team and the Backstage, Props and Costume teams.